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[bricoleurs/bricolage] 1b0d4e: Yet more fixes for Bug #277.
Branch: refs/heads/master

Commit: 1b0d4e8c39223670f0cefe4acc9ebf656de64ecf
Author: David E. Wheeler <>
Date: 2011-08-16 (Tue, 16 Aug 2011)

Changed paths:
M lib/Bric/App/Callback/
M lib/Bric/App/Callback/Profile/
M lib/Bric/App/Callback/Profile/

Log Message:
Yet more fixes for Bug #277.

Still with `PUBLISH_RELATED_FAIL_BEHAVIOR = fail`, make sure publishes that fail because realteds fail to publish works properly both from desks and from document profiles.

While at it, I filled in some other gaps in the publish logging and rollback logic in the Desk callback.

[#277 state:open]