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[bricoleurs/bricolage] 971f7a: Restore category recall to new asset pages.
Branch: refs/heads/master

Commit: 971f7a15ece81364f2860ab98fd91187fc3f918a
Author: David E. Wheeler <>
Date: 2011-01-17 (Mon, 17 Jan 2011)

Changed paths:
M comp/widgets/media_prof/edit_new.html
A comp/widgets/profile/
M comp/widgets/story_prof/edit_new.html
M comp/widgets/tmpl_prof/edit_new.html
A lib/Bric/App/Callback/
M lib/Bric/App/

Log Message:
Restore category recall to new asset pages.

Before we had autocompletion of categories in the New Story/Media/Template
profiles, it used to be that they would remember the last category selected
when you go to create a new document. That was lost; so restore it.

Done by adding a new widget, `comp/widgets/profile/`, which
munges the memorization code from the `select_object` widget with the simple
population of a text filed in ``. Also a callback that handles
remembering the value when a form is submitted. That callback, of course, is

[#159 state:resolved]