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[bricoleurs/bricolage] 3b86f7: Replace `getElementsByClassName()` with `select()`...
Branch: refs/heads/master

Commit: 3b86f7b068fe40012df853460a67485dc679440f
Author: David E. Wheeler <>
Date: 2010-03-19 (Fri, 19 Mar 2010)

Changed paths:
M comp/media/js/lib.js
M comp/widgets/media_prof/edit_meta.html
M comp/widgets/story_prof/edit_meta.html
M lib/Bric/Changes.pod

Log Message:
Replace `getElementsByClassName()` with `select()`.

Adrian Yee pointed out that `getElementsByClassName()` will find all elements
with that class in the entire document, whereas calling Prototype's `select()`
with a class name selector on a single element will find only elements with
that class name under the element. This is more efficient, and much more
likely to be correct.