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[Bricolage #284] no value sent for required parameter 'obj'
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Zdravko Balorda updated this ticket at November 16th, 2011 @ 01:06 PM

After the following sequence of events
click workflow profile desk
check in some story
click on publish, chose Later
click on Publish in Workflow/Publish page

the following error is reported
no value sent for required parameter 'obj'

The error occurs in /widgets/desk/desk_item.html line: 132
I found out that none of the following required parameters are set:

The story get's published, though. It's removed from the workflow.
If in between check in and publish, a workflow/profile/desk is refreshed,
there is no error.
Hopefully one could recreate this. :)

Regards, Zdravko

Assigned: Bugs (at bricolage)
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