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[Bricolage #253] "Check in and revert" does not shelve asset
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Nick Legg updated this ticket at April 18th, 2011 @ 02:59 PM

In bric 1, clicking the "Cancel check out" button would discard the current revision of an asset and shelve it. This seemed to perfectly reverse the checkout process.

In bric 2, I think that "Check in and revert" should behave the same way.

However, as I play with it, it looks like assets are being left on the first desk of the current workflow after a "Check in and revert" operation. This seems to leave the database in an incoherent state, as the UI will now only let you checkout that asset from the phantom desk, until you perform a "Check in and shelve" operation.

In other words, the "Check in and revert" operation should also shelve the asset.

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