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Bricolage 1.8.8
The Bricolage development team is humbled to announce the
release of
Bricolage 1.8.8. This maintenance release addresses a couple of
flaws with media documents in Bricolage 1.8.7. Those changes are:

Bug Fixes

* Fixed thumbnail URIs broken in 1.8.7. [David]

* Fixed the "media expire" event. [David]

* Media documents with more than one file version are no longer
expired as soon as they're published. Reported by Wayne Slavin.

* Added upgrade script to adjust the file names of media files
in the
resource table in the database to be in sync with the new
names on
the file system introduced in 1.8.7. [David]

For the complete history of ongoing changes in Bricolage, see
Bric::Changes at

Download Bricolage 1.8.8 now from the Bricolage Website at, from the SourceForge
download page
at, and
from the Kineticode download page at


Bricolage is a full-featured, enterprise-class content
management and
publishing system. It offers a browser-based interface for ease-
of use,
a full-fledged templating system with complete HTML::Mason,
HTML::Template, and Template Toolkit support for flexibility,
and many
other features. It operates in an Apache/mod_perl environment
and uses
the PostgreSQL RDBMS for its repository. A comprehensive,
actively-developed open source CMS, Bricolage has been hailed as
possibly the most capable enterprise-class open-source application
available" by eWEEK.


--The Bricolage Team