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About load balancing for HTML <Amendment>
Dear Theo,

Theo Schlossnagle worte it! :
>You have two Directory stanzas with the same dir name... what are you
>trying to accomplish? This could trigger a problem in the way that
>mod_backhand will try to merge the declarations. The above is
>confusing though.

I mistook for you about sending the conf file. Duplication definition
occurred during my editing. We tested one of these definitions.

I think duplication definition is not the matter of this trouble. I'm
afraid that mod_jk may be caused the problem. Mod_jk does the
redirect the request to the servlet engine.

May they intercept the request ?

Are there some sequence priority at the LoadModule directive and
AddModule directive ? If true , we'll try to change the sequence.

Best Regards,
Keiichiro Katayama

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