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Connection pooling.
Due to resource contention on some highly loaded systems, I have added a
feature into the CVS version of mod_backhand to disable connection pools and
have the Apache child make the connect() call.

Obviously, this prohibits the use of KeepAlives, but for big sites, it appears
that the moderator cannot keep up. If the default mode it is the central
component of mod_backhand and must be accessed on every connection.

The CVS version supports a:

BackhandConnectionPools off|on

It is on be default and can be specified on the directory basis (and is

I think it is much more feasible to support MaxClient 2048 on a commodity
system with the pooling turned off. The moderator still has to functino
correctly, but it is no longer used to make and coordinate distribution of
established connection if this feature is explicitly turned off.

Theo Schlossnagle
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