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From: Jordan Mendler <>
Date: Sep 12, 2007 12:49 AM
Subject: mod_log_spread/spreadlogd site/mailing list

Hi all,

I've been using some of your spread software, and am working to implement
others. I noticed that some of the information on mod_log_spread is
inconsistent, so based on my research I would like to the point out the
following (to aid future users):

1) On the page, the "Download
spreadlogd" link points to which is version
1.4.2, whereas the bottom of the page has a link to
which is version 2.0.0. I made this mistake and didn't realize 2.0.0 was
available until after patching 1.4.2 to get it to work. 2.0.0 seems to build
fine (haven't tried it out yet).

2) For spreadlogd you should number the tarballs to help differentiate
2.0.0, since both are called spreadlogd.tar.gz.

3) The "Join our mailing list" link on points to the mls-users mailing list
which no longer works. Is there actually a mailing list for this project, or
has it been merged with the backhand mailing list? If so, you should
probably link to instead.

4) The only version of mod_log_spread that I could get to work against
apache 2.0 is from It took me a
lot of research to find this, so it may be worth noting on your website.

Thanks for the good software. Hope this feedback is of help. I have also
built RPMs for these packages, spread and wackamole, and after some more
fine-tuning I will be post the link to our repository on all of the relevant
mailing lists. If I have some time I may also do a little write up to
improve the installation docs -- is this something that would be of interest
to you guys?