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Hello My Dear I need your help
Hello My Dear,

Listen and read carefully, I have found seriousness in you and that is
why i have decided to involve you in this transaction o.k , i am a
woman of substance and of great importance to my nation and the society in
general. I will not entertain any act of unseriousness from you in this
transaction o.k

You must take instructions from me at all time and for security reasons
you will only communicate me only by my email for now o.k.

I am Mrs LOUISA EJERCITOR ESTRADA , the wife of Mr Joseph Estrada the
former president of Philippine located in the south east Asia. My
husband was presently impeached from office by a backed uprising of mass
demonstrators and the senate. During my husband's regime as president of
Philippine, I realised US$120.5millions of dollars from various contract
projects I executed successfully. I had planed to invest this money in
real estate and industral production.

Now I have used an NGO to move the money to a bank in overseas, i want
you to assist me transfer the money to your bank account as the
beneficiary because i do not want the philippine government to trace and
confiscate this one(the money); they have confiscated all our asset. This
is the only money left for me and my family o.k. Now if you agree, i will
offer you 25% of the total fund, and you must keep it very secret and
confidential o.k. There is no risk involved, all i
want from you is, your complete name, address, bank particulars phone
and fax numbers, company name if any and you must be honest o.k.; this
money will be transfered to your account as soon as you release this
requirements o.k

I look forward to having a good relationship with you o.k, I will be
very grateful to receive your response in my private e-mail address as

Best Regards,

Mrs Louise Estrade (Wife)
Former Phillipine President