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Bijou 20120402 update for MythTV 0.24.3
The 20120402 release of the 'bijou' respin of MythTV 0.24.3, based on
ATrpms r283, is now available on atrpms-testing. This is a maintenance
release with no significant changes from 20120323, other than being
based on a vanilla tarball of 0.24.3 rather than 0.24.2.

bijou is an enhanced version of MythTV with useful fixes and
improvements. The database is never changed so users can always move
freely between the bijou and stock versions.

Previous changelog for bijou:
* Ron Frazier's support for the Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCI (USB is
untested)-based CableCARD tuner. More information is at
As Ron's work has also been added to master, bijou users using the
Ceton should be able to upgrade to 0.25 without having to delete and
readd the tuner in mythtv-setup.
* Significantly speeds up the loading of Watch Recordings. On my
frontend/backend, I have seen the load time with 1,500 recordings go
from 6 to 3 seconds. (#10161)
* The return of a fix for Jumppoints not working when OSD is present
(#7939). Warning: With the patch, using jumppoints while in cutpoint
editing mode may crash the frontend. Please report on your
* Adjustments to ThreadedFileWriter's buffers. Significantly improves
recordings' integrity when destination disks are stressed, at the
cost of increased RAM usage. (That said, on my 2GB RAM
frontend/backend I've recorded four HD streams at once without
* Enhancements for default-wide metatheme (inherited by Mythbuntu and
others). Changes include 6 channels on guide grid, more room for
wider dates, original air dates everywhere, years and stars next to
movie titles, and more.
* Support for MPEG-4 channels over FireWire (#10080).
* Lengthen socket timeout from default 7 seconds to 20 seconds, which
helps when starting playback with disk/CPU load.

As always, please report any issues to atrpms-users.

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