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[HEADS-UP] and deprecated
Hello, was already deprecated more than a year ago,
and was deprecated in July 2005.

While >= 90% of the users have switched, there are still about 5000
users on and 2000 on (numbers
derived from unique daily visits). is mainly used by
FC3 users, and by RH9 and FC1 users.

Please update your apt and yum configurations to use E.g. for FC3:

============================= apt config for FC3/i386

# atrpms
# Fedora Core 3 - i386 - ATrpms
rpm fc3-i386/atrpms stable
#rpm-src fc3-i386/atrpms stable

============================= yum config for FC3/i386

name=Fedora Core 3 - i386 - ATrpms


Replace fc3 with fc2/rh9 etc. and will be withdrawn by the
end of this year.

Axel.Thimm at
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