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[security] 2.4.x kernels for RHL 7.3-9 and FC1 synced with Fedora Legacy security updates.

the ATrpms kernels for RHL 7.3-9 and FC1 have been rebased on the
kernels provided by Fedora Legacy. kmdls for the new kernels have been

The Fedora Legacy Project (FL) is a community project that provides
security and critical bug fix errata packages for some Red Hat Linux
and Fedora Core distributions.

FL is not a supported project of Red Hat, Inc., and the ATrpms' kernel
enhancements [*] are not supported by FL (FL is not related with
ATrpms in any official manner, don't blame them for any ATrpms

Please note that it is currently undecided when ATrpms will drop
support for these distributions. These may be the last kernel updates
for these distributions). You are encouraged to upgrade your systems
if you depend on ATrpms' extra kernel features [*]. Most of them made
it into 2.6 kernels, and the rest are available as external kernel
module rpms.

Many thaks to the FL team for providing the security patches for the

[*] Depending on RHL or FC1 these include: xfs, v4l2, 3ware,
i2c/lm_sensors, ea+acl+nfsacl, linux-ntfs, openswan w/ natt,
libata, autofs4, CAP_SETPCAP, drm low latency patches, acpi
updates, usb memory stick fixes, Variable Hz, alsa rtc patch,
lvm-1.0.7 fixes, ip_conntrack fixes.
Axel.Thimm at
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