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Apache2.2 as forward proxy to updare ws to wss
Hi Apache Community,

I am relatively new to Apache and I am facing the following issue, would truly appreciate if you could help.

The Setup:

* Apache2.2 as a forward proxy.
* websocket client and server in golang.

What I want to achieve:

client(ws) ------> Apache -----> Server(wss)

* Is there any way to upgrade a websocket connection to secure websocket using Apache as a forward proxy?
* Or say I use wss-client (without certificate) and a wss-server(with certificates), is there a way to inform Apache to use its own certificates to establish the connection?

Client will always send unsecure traffic WS
and Apache should upgrade it to WSS.
In our application setup, we use our own openssl libraries to create certificates - which cannot be included in the (client.go) go-tls package, so we have to use apache-forward-proxy to use the certificates generated by our own openssl libraries.
Client and Forward-Proxy (Apache) are both in our specific environment.
And we need mutual cert authentication.

Thank you,