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Syntax highlighting of httpd configurations
Hi everybody on users@,
As you may or may not know, there's been some work in the trunk branch
of the httpd documentation, allowing for syntax highlighting of both the
various C/Perl/Lua code as well as the configuration examples shown in
the docs. The thought being, that it will make it easier to sift through
all the data that is being presented and easily identify the things you
need for your own work, as well as getting a better view of the
code/example as a whole.

On a strictly personal level, I'm curious as to what people think about
this new feature, so I have set up a small survey at where you can give this
new idea a thumbs up or down, as well as see an example of the new
highlighting as it looks on the docs page.

As said, this is a strictly personal interest in the matter, and thus
non-binding and not affiliated with ASF or the HTTPd project in any way
in this context - it is a personal interest in seeing whether others
feel like I do about adding some user friendliness to the documentation.

With regards,

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