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mod_rewrite question
I’m attempting to replace all the spaces with ‘%20’ when URLs are passed via a proxy. I have the following Rewrite Rule added to my httpd.conf on the Apache 2 Proxy server I’m running.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteLogLevel 5
RewriteLog logs/rewrite_logs.log
RewriteRule ^/(.+)\ (.+)$ /$1\%20$2 [R, NE]

But for some reason when I look at the rewrite logs I see that the spaces are only being replaced at the very last occurrence of a space. So for example. Let’ say I start with

www.some<http://www.some> website that has

In the logs I see the following:

www.some<http://www.some> website that

Notice it didn’t add the %20 between the first 3 spaces but it did on the 4th/last space.

This only happens after I added the NE flag, and I added this so that %20 doesn’t get encoded to %2520.

Any thoughts?

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