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RE: Re[5]: Mod_rewrite question
> From: Alexander Isaev []
> Wednesday, Wednesday, December 19, 2001, you wrote:
> >> From: Alexander Isaev []
> >> Here is the part of the log file
> >>
> >> [][rid#830c034/initial] (3) [per-dir
> >> /usr/home/isaev/www/ppee/] strip per-dir prefix:
> >> /usr/home/isaev/www/ppee/include/general.css -> include/general.css
> >> - - [19/Dec/2001:12:06:21 +0300]
> >> [][rid#830c034/initial] (3) [per-dir
> >> /usr/home/isaev/www/ppee/] applying pattern '/.+' to uri
> >> 'include/general.css'
> JS> Yep, that's what I guessed: you are using this in an .htaccess file or
> JS> <directory> section. Don't. Put it in the httpd.conf in the
> main server
> JS> context (outside any <directory> section).
> Can I put it into VirtualHost section (I tried and it doesn't work).
> If I'll put this rewrite code into main server context - it'll effect
> all site hosted on my machine, but I need to implement rewriting
> method only for selected virtual hosts.

Sorry, I think I feal a lecture coming on...

You make things much more difficult for yourself and for people trying to
answer your questions when you continually write "it doesn't work". I think
this is the third time you've done that in this thread without providing any
more details. Do you usually drop your car off at the mechanic and say "it
doesn't work" and then leave?

If you want help, you should say something like, "I tried your suggestion by
placing the directives in a <virtualhost> container. Here is a relevant
configuration excerpt: ... When I did this, the rewriterules didn't match
and no rewriting took place. Here are the contents of the access log and
rewrite logs: ..."

To answer your question, yes it should work in a <virtualhost> section. I
can't provide any help beyond that if you don't provide details.


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