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DO NOT REPLY [Bug 53153] New: Rewrite documentation unclear or wrong about what is matched (file-path)

Bug #: 53153
Summary: Rewrite documentation unclear or wrong about what is
matched (file-path)
Product: Apache httpd-2
Version: 2.5-HEAD
Platform: All
OS/Version: All
Status: NEW
Severity: normal
Priority: P2
Component: Documentation
Classification: Unclassified says:

Pattern is a perl compatible regular expression. On the first RewriteRule, it
is matched against the (%-decoded) URL-path (or file-path, depending on the
context) of the request.

I think the second parenthesis is wrong, or at least unclear. To put it simply:
What is the file-path of a request?

file-path is defined as:
The path to a file in the local file-system beginning with the root directory
as in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/path/to/file.html. Unless otherwise specified, a
file-path which does not begin with a slash will be treated as relative to the

Just below the problematic sentence, a box expands on what is matched:
In Directory and htaccess context, the Pattern will initially be matched
against the filesystem path, after removing the prefix that led the server to
the current RewriteRule (e.g. "app1/index.html" or "index.html" depending on
where the directives are defined).

I find this less bad, although one may ask *which* filesystem path this refers

The parenthesis was added recently (see #52000 for background).

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