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Spurious difference in http2 between trunk and 2.4.x

When comparing http2 between 2.4.x and trunk, they are mostly the same.

However the following hunk look spurious to me.
I think that it is a left over either in trunk or 2.4.x when backporting
or refactoring code.

I don't know if trunk or 2.4.x is correct, so I just report it here.

BTW, what is the preferred way to reports things about mod_http2 and mod_md?
ML and/or update in apache svn repository, or on github directly (and it
will flow later on in svn)?
Stefan, what is the most convenient for you?


diff -rup  a/modules/http2/h2_mplx.c b/modules/http2/h2_mplx.c
--- a/modules/http2/h2_mplx.c 2019-08-08 22:10:36.407665200 +0200
+++ *b***/modules/http2/h2_mplx.c 2019-07-19 23:08:52.463084866 +0200
@@ -306,7 +306,6 @@ static int stream_destroy_iter(void *ctx
                                                   && !task->rst_error);

-                               task->c = NULL;
                                if (reuse_slave) {
h2_beam_log(task->output.beam, m->c, APLOG_DEBUG,
"h2_task_destroy, reuse slave");