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qs values for MultiViews sent in Content-Type
Hello All,

It appears that the qs values specified on media types for use by
MultiViews during content negotiation are being sent to clients in the
Content-Type header field. This problem was originally brought up in
2002 on httpd-users[1] and http-dev[2], and it was also discussed on
ietf-http-wg[3] and in other venues subsequently. The consensus
appears to be that it is a bug, that it probably has low impact, and
that it may be difficult to fix.

I have just confirmed that the bug still appears in 2.4.2 and I'd like
to get opinions on the following:

- Is there still agreement that this is a bug?
- Are there any known workarounds?
- Is there any objection to me filing a bug report to track progress
on the issue?

I recognize that this bug is not likely to be a priority, but a bug
report (and/or updates to the docs) might help others to be aware of
the problem and avoid wasting time trying to diagnose and workaround
the behavior.

I welcome your thoughts.



Cheers, | | JIM:
Kevin | | IRC: kevinoid on freenode