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htdigest -c

I was helping triaging apache2 bugs reports in Debian and found that one:

> Running "htdigest -c <file> <domain> <user>" provides inconsistent
> results, sometimes removing entries for this or another <user> and
> othertimes doubling up entries for <user>. I suggest that invoking the
> command in this way with the -c flag should cause the programme to bail
> out if the file <file> already exists.

First, there really is a bug with -c parameter, which behaviour is inconsistent.

Man page says:
-c Create the passwdfile. If passwdfile already exists, it is
deleted first.

This is a regression introduced 11 years ago:

file was truncated fopen("w") and now it is no more, since we use
apr_file_open(APR_WRITE | APR_CREATE)

It is missing APR_TRUNCATE

You can reproduce with
$ htdigest -c ~/toto realm nirgal # file created
$ htdigest ~/toto realm nirgal2 # second entry added
$ htdigest -c ~/toto realm nirgal # file should be truncated. It's not.
$ wc -l ~/toto
3 /home/nirgal/toto

Patch is available at:;filename=564722.diff;att=1;bug=564722

However, bug repported suggest -c should fail if file exists.

It makes sense to forbid file truncation of existing file, but it is opposition to man description, to htpasswd -c behavior, and it might break a few scripts.

What is your feeling about that wish?