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[Bug 53286] New: No longer supports rewriting HTTP CONNECT

Priority: P2
Bug ID: 53286
Summary: No longer supports rewriting HTTP CONNECT
Severity: normal
Classification: Unclassified
OS: Linux
Hardware: PC
Status: NEW
Version: 2.2.22
Component: mod_rewrite
Product: Apache httpd-2

I moved from 2.2.21 to 2.2.22 on Fedora 15, and my mod_rewrite commands are no
longer parsed when the request is the CONNECT method.

It used to be possible and reasonably documented to be able to do rewrites

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_METHOD} ^connect$ [NC]
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} !^connect\ tunnel-([^\
]+)\.proxymachine\.net:([0-9]+)\ .*$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1 [F,L]

I use code like this to rewrite the uri to point to the tunnel endpoint from a
RewriteMap file, and this has worked well for a few years. Even at logging
level 9 nothing it produced in 2.2.22. Reverting the mod_rewrite module to
2.2.21 fixes the issue.

Although not tested, I suspect httpd-2.2.22/modules/mappers/mod_rewrite.c at
line 4268, which returns DECLINED if the uri[0] is not "/". However CONNECT is
more likely to have the format "CONNECT", and this
contains no "/" characters. In fact attempting a CONNECT with a "/" gives an
error very early on in the parse tree.

I think the " r->uri[0] != '/' " test should have been guarded with a "
r->method_number == M_CONNECT " test, but to be honest I have not tested this
except in my head.

Could we also add mod_rewrite parsing CONNECT as a regression test? It is so
useful but perhaps there are only a few of us making use of it that it would
take a while for someone to notice.

Thanks. I hope this report was useful. And by the way thanks for all your


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