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a little bit OT - doing backups
Sorry if this is not 100% analog centric. But I guess anyone in this list
is familar with the issue:

I recently resurrected a site which did not do any backups or at least
the backup
strategy was not very sophisticated.

Now the system admin decided to do a nightly backup to a 40 GB tape or
something. A full backup.
It takes 4 hours and he stopped tomcat, apache and mysql for that.

For 4 hours the site is now off net (!).


I'm trying to advise him to do either the backup without caring about
locked files/open files.
We have scheduled this for the coming nihjtly backup and want to watch
the outcome.

Is analog picky in any way about the log files?

The dnsquery processes also take quite a while. But I believe, apache
doesn't have
to be stopped for this.

(I'm talking about Windows XP, btw). Thanks for your attention.


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