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[analog-announce] New URL for analog
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Welcome to the analog-announce mailing list, if you've joined since the last

This mail is to inform you that analog has a new domain of its own at
(.cx is Christmas Island, by the way, although the server is actually
located in London.)

I intend to use this URL as the official URL from now on, so please update
your links.

Many thanks to Christmas Island for providing free domains for open source
projects. And if you're looking for a personal domain, do consider them.
The prices are excellent -- only UKP 10 = USD 16 per year -- and they seemed
very efficient when I dealt with them. Buy your domain now at!

PS The current version of analog is 4.03, released yesterday.

Stephen Turner
Statistical Laboratory, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1SB, England
"We can ask you to pay the full amount which you owe us if you:
(a) become bankrupt; or (b) die." Egg Credit Card Agreement