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Analog version 4 released: translators needed
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Thank you to everyone who helped with beta testing in the last few weeks.
This is to announce that version 4 of analog is now released. As usual you
can download it from
or (even better) your nearest mirror site.

Compared with version 3, this version offers:
Five new reports:
Organisation Report
Operating System Report
Search Word Report
Search Query Report
Processing Time Report
Browser Summary improved to break down Mozilla (compatible)'s
Form interface completely rewritten
Multiple *'s now allowed on left-hand side of aliases
Regular expressions allowed in inclusions and aliases
Inclusions and exclusions now apply to lower levels of a hierarchical report
New column in reports for the number of the item in the list
Debugging now reports which part of a corrupt logfile line was corrupt
... and lots of other good stuff!


This version comes in the following languages: Chinese, Danish, English
(UK & US), French, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmal & Nynorsk), Polish,
Portuguese, Russian, Serbocroatian and Turkish. If you are using one of the
other languages, then you might want to stick with version 3.32 for the

I am looking for translators for the following languages, where I have been
unable to contact the previous translator: Czech, German, Hungarian, Korean,
Latvian, Lithuanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene and Swedish.
It's only a matter of translating the few new phrases in this version. You
can have a look at the language files in the lang directory/folder to see
exactly what's required. If you are able to help, then let me know!

For the other languages -- Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Italian,
Slovak and Spanish -- I have been promised translations soon. Keep an eye
on the analog home page for them. Of course if anyone wants to help with
these translations, then get in touch with me and I'll see if the other
translator wants any help.

And if anyone wants to translate any new language...


Stephen Turner
Statistical Laboratory, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1SB, England
"As always, it's considered good practice to temporarily disable any
virus detection software prior to installing new software." (Netscape)