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[analog-announce] WARNING: Webtechs porn hack: and other news
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Dear analog users,

Welcome to the analog-announce mailing list, if you've joined in the last
couple of months.

I have just been given some news which I think is important enough to send
to the list. It appears that has been hacked and turned into
a pornography site. Previous versions of analog, 2.11 and earlier, linked to
this site for HTML validation (and indeed a reference still persists in the

It gets worse. It seems that when using Internet Explorer on Windows (IE4 at
least, don't know about IE3 or IE5), including the "HTML 2.0 conformant" logo
at the bottom of the page doesn't just cause a broken image, as you might
think, but instead causes IE to REPLACE the stats page with a porn page. So
even if you haven't got any problems on Netscape, your IE users may have.

I hope this will somehow be put right soon. Workarounds for the moment (in
order of preference) are:
* Upgrade to 3.11, which doesn't contain the link.
* If compiling your own version, edit output.c to remove the offending
image; also analogform.html if you're using the form interface.
* Edit the analog output before making it publicly available.

On to happier things. I wonder if you've been to the analog home page
recently? Here are some recent additions:

* A new survey showed analog being used by 25% of webmasters.
* A new page of "helper applications". These are applications which work
together with analog to make configuration easier, for example, or to
post-process the output.
* Two new languages -- Catalan and Lithuanian. And I expect to have up to
four more new languages this weekend or early next week.

Thank you for your continued support. If you want to unsubscribe from this
list, remember to send your message to
not just analog-announce.

Stephen Turner
Statistical Laboratory, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1SB, England
"Ad infinitum, if not ad nauseam." (Interviewee, BBC Radio 4)