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Analog version 5.90beta1 released
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Dear analog users,

Just a short mail to let you know that I released version 5.90beta1 of
analog yesterday. This is the first beta test for version 6. You can
download the new version from
The main change in this version is that the output is much prettier.

In detail: The output functions have been completely rewritten, to allow new
output styles to be added; there are two new output styles as a result,
XHTML and XML; and the default style is now XHTML, instead of HTML.

XHTML produces much prettier output than the old HTML style, which is still
producing HTML 2.0. See
for a sample. It's also designed so that you can change almost any aspect of
the formatting using style sheets. By the way, I'm hoping to publish some
sample style sheets, so all you design gurus out there, send me your ideas!

One last thing: geotargeting. I got a very thin response to this in my last
message < >. Does
anyone else have an opinion? Or can I conclude people aren't interested in
this feature?

Stephen Turner, Cambridge, UK
"The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than
the question of whether a submarine can swim." (Edsger W. Dijkstra)