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Analog version 5.0 released
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Dear analog users,

This message is to announce the release of version 5.0 of analog.

Compared with version 4, this version includes the following new features
(among others!):

* Pie charts
* Twelve new reports
* Descriptions of each report
* Data about the first request time of each item, and about its
requests in the last 7 days
* A new category of "robots" in the Operating System Report
* Control over which lines appear in the General Summary
* Faster DNS lookups on Unix
* OS X port
* "How-To" documentation
* Various usability improvements

For the full list of new features, see
Or have a look at the sample report at

This version is available in 24 languages, and more languages should follow

You can download it from or (soon) from your nearest
mirror site.

Thanks to everyone who made comments during beta testing.

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Stephen Turner
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