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Analog version 5 in beta test
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Dear analog users,

A Happy New Year to you, and welcome to the analog-announce mailing list if
you've joined since the last message.

This message is to announce that I released not one but two new versions of
analog yesterday!

Version 4.14 is the latest bug-fix release.

Version 4.90beta1 is the first beta test for version 5. This version
includes lots of commonly-requested features, including:

* Pie charts
* Twelve new reports
* Descriptions of each report
* Data about the first request time of each item, and about its
requests in the last 7 days
* A new category of "robots" in the Operating System Report
* Control over which lines appear in the General Summary
* Faster DNS lookups on Unix

For the full list of new features, see
Or have a look at the sample report at

Of course, as this is the first beta test of the new version, it can be
expected to contain bugs! Also, this version is only available in English
and US English at the moment.

Anyway, feel free to download it from or (even better)
your nearest mirror site. Any feedback to

One more thing. I'm looking for people to write some documentation, of a
more "tutorial" type than the current documentation. If you fancy doing
this, have a look at the list of suggested topics on the "Help Wanted" list

Stephen Turner
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